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Cinema Timetable

Thursday 23 March- Wednesday 29 March

Scroll down to view cinema session times or click the button below to download the current Cinema timetable.

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NATIONAL THEATRE LIVE: SAINT JOAN (E) 175mins (includes interval)


Sun 26th - 1:15pm




Thu 23rd - 10.15am  3.10pm  8.35pm
Fri 24th - 10.30am  1.15pm  6.45pm
Sat 25th - 10.30am  1.15pm  6.45pm
Sun 26th - 10.25am  4.45pm  7.25pm
Mon 27th - 12.45pm  8.35pm
Tue 28th - 12.45pm  8.35pm
Wed 29th -12.45pm  8.35pm


LOVING (PG) 123min

Thu 23rd - 11.40am  2.15pm  7.10pm
Fri 24th - 11.40am  2.15pm  7.10pm
Sat 25th - 11.40am  2.15pm  7.10pm
Sun 26th - 10.45am  1.20pm  6.20pm
Mon 27th - 10.15am  3.15pm  6.15pm
Tue 28th - 10.15am  3.15pm  6.15pm
Wed 29th - 10.15am  3.15pm  6.15pm


MOONLIGHT (M) [CC] 111mins

Thu 23rd - 11.35am  1.55pm  6.15pm
Fri 24th - 11.35am  1.55pm  6.25pm
Sat 25th - 11.35am  1.55pm  6.25pm
Sun 26th - 12.40pm  4.00pm  7.30pm
Mon 27th - 12.50pm  6.15pm
Tue 28th - 12.50pm  6.15pm
Wed 29th - 12.50pm  6.15pm


JASPER JONES (M) [CC] 105mins


Thu 23rd - 9.30am  4.15pm
Fri 24th - 9.30am  4.15pm
Sat 25th - 9.30am  4.15pm
Sun 26th - 3.00pm




Thu 23rd - 9.30am  1.00pm  4.50pm
Fri 24th - 9.30am  4.50pm  8.45pm
Sat 25th - 9.30am  4.50pm  8.45pm
Sun 26th - 10.25am  5.10pm
Mon 27th - 10.30am  3.30pm  8.50pm
Tue 28th - 10.30am  3.30pm  8.50pm
Wed 29th - 10.30am  3.30pm  8.50pm




Fri 24th - 4.00pm
Sat 25th - 4.00pm


[CC]  - Closed Caption options are available on all sessions of this film. Please note there is a limited number of devices. Devices are issued on a 'first in first served' policy.

Ticket Prices

Adults $14.50
Adult Members $9.50
Concession Member* $8.50
Concession  $9.50
(includes Seniors*/Pensioners*/Students*/Child 3-15 years)

Discount Mondays and Tuesdays

ADULT   $10.00


*Please show appropriate card to receive discount

Trading Hours

Monday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Thursday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Sunday 10:00am - 8:00pm

Contact Number

(07) 5588 4000

An official Dolby Digital Cinema!

With a unique blend of mainstream, art house and foreign films, the Arts Cinema is the perfect venue for lovers of film. Enjoy a meal, coffee or drink with a friend before the film in our licensed Arts Cafe, or take your glass of wine into the cinema with you for a first class experience. Parking is free and so easy - there's no need to fight the shopping centre crowds. Our cinemas are equipped with the latest audio technology and you'll love our comfortable, custom-built seats and relaxed foyer lounge.

The Arts Centre Gold Coast invites you to be a member of the centre and enjoy fantastic benefits and exclusive offers. There are two options available: Friends of the Arts Cinema and Friends of The Arts Centre. Check all the benefits on the membership form.

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Terms & Conditions

Cinema Passes:

Cinema Movie Pass

Annual Cinema Double Pass

Closed Captions

Closed Captions are now available on select movies that contain the technology which is indicated with a [CC] or closed caption available text. The Arts Centre Gold Coast has 3 types of equipment available to assist our guests upon request.*

The variety of equipment available, are as follows –

Closed Caption Headset Receiver - to assist hearing impaired guests - Glasses with captions that receive caption via Infrared energy. - Integrated System - Single IR emitter carries both HI and VI-N audio and closed caption text

Closed Caption Receiver - Gooseneck held caption box that receives captions via infrared energy. Rests in the chair cup holder.

Listening assistive headset - For our visually impaired guests, now you can listen to audio described movies so you can hear things you might have difficulty seeing with a spoken commentary and enjoy all the parts of a movie, including visual jokes, visual scenes, settings and body language. - These headsets can also be used to assist hearing impaired guests with audio enhancement. - The audio is delivered through a personal headset with individual left and right volume controls.

You can sit in any seat in the cinema and enjoy.

*Please note there is a limited number of devices which are issued on a first in first served policy.

Friends of the Arts Cinema Memberships

Friends of the Arts Cinema membership offers reduced cinema ticket prices to its members. The cinema programs a unique blend of mainstream, art house and foreign films. You can enjoy a meal, coffee or drink with a friend before or after the film in the licensed Arts Café, or take your glass of wine or coffee into the cinema with you. Parking is free for 4 hours out the very front of the Centre. The cinemas are equipped with the latest audio technology and you’ll love the comfortable, custom built seats.

Annual Membership Costs:
Adult - $14.50
Concession - $9.50


  • The yearly membership ranges from the 1 July to 30 June (each financial year)
  • It includes discounted movie tickets (presenting membership card at box office is required to receive discount)
  • Includes one complementary ticket to a movie of your choice (excludes special price events or films on a 'no free list')

Movie Review Club

Love chatting about movies? Join our Movie Review Club!

On the fourth Wednesday of each month (March to November) the Arts Cinema hosts a Movie Review Club. This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and discuss the selected film with a forum of academics.

Simply see the film ahead of time, and join us on the day for an interactive discussion. Morning teas are offered at a special price and it costs nothing to become a member of the Movie Review Club.

The next meeting of the Movie Review Club will be held in the Basement at 10.30am 'til noon on Wednesday 22nd March.  The movie to be discussed: Moonlight

Cinema Timetable