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Strassman's "iTedE"

RockCity Presents

It’s about Chucking time…

Side-splitting comedy! A hilarious all-new show!
Strasso’s screwed. He can’t get Chuck and Ted E. off their iPhones. They’re lost to Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook.

The battle is on! And in an amazing live show breakthrough, Strasso throws his voice to 5 puppets at once. It’s a riotously unbelievable, 6-way comedy routine. You seriously won’t believe it!!

Ted is cuter than ever and Chuck just as evil. Sid the Beaver cracks a heap of depraved jokes. And you won’t believe surprise guest, Buttons, the very pissed clown. You’ll cack yourself!

The best night out you’ll have in a long time!

Arrive early and enjoy a refreshing bevvy and a bite to eat at our Beer Garden from 5:30 pm.

Delicious range of handheld options;

  • Salt & Pepper Calamari Rings $10
  • Beef Burger with cheese & caramelised onion $12
  • Hot Chips $7

Prefer a sit-down option? Make a reservation at our Café on 5588 4087 and enjoy something off our scrumptious Autumn Menu.

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