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Mana Wahine

The Arts Centre Gold Coast and Okareka present Mana Wahine

Women’s power, authority, culture, energies and essence, is celebrated in acclaimed Okareka Dance Company’s, Mana Wahine. This courageous performance enlivened by five dancers, fuses choreography, music, tikanga Maori and performance practices.

Mana Wahine is influenced by the true story of Te Aokapurangi, a young maiden from Rotorua who was captured in battle by a tribe from the Far North. Many years later she returned and single handily saved her people from slaughter. The story of Te Aokapurangi has been the pivotal inspiration behind this performance.

Her courage, determination and fearlessness fuels the choreographic style explored in this exciting show.

Don’t miss what has been described as one of the best dance performances you have seen in years.

“Strong, powerful, spiritual, beautiful, courageous Mana Wahine”

“Mana Wahine is an absolutely gorgeous work to watch, and it’s one that linger long afterwards”

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